A Whole New Way To Mat & Frame Your Photos Using Scrapbook Paper!

Using layers in a frame

I selected a 4x6 photo, pattern paper, and solid cardstock and went to work cutting with my favorite tools – my cutting knife, and my Perfect Layers. This entire project was done by simply cutting layer after layer until my photo mat was the right size to fill an 8x10 frame. There are seven layers in all! Starting Layer

By Marci Leishman

Ahhhhh.  Fall.   The crispness in the air, the changing leaves, the attitude of gratitude that comes with this time of year.  I just love it!

I also love fall decorations, and decorating for the season.  It is so much fun to change out the décor with the changing holidays, but sometimes Thanksgiving gets skipped over!  I decided to make a quick and easy project with Perfect Layers to highlight one of the things I love most about this time of year – gratitude.


Starting Layer

I like the boldness of brown, so I started with a 1/8 brown layer to mat my photo. I then alternated with pattern paper (cut at 3/4"). I repeated layering with cardstock and pattern paper until I had layered myself to an 8x10 mat to fit my frame.

















    The layers I used:

Brown cardstock:  1/8”

Pattern paper:   3/4”

Orange cardstock:  1/16”

Brown cardstock:  1/8”

Pattern paper:  3/18”

Orange cardstock:  1/8”

Brown cardstock:  3/18”

Check out how precise using Perfect Layers is! I was using a scrap piece of brown pattern paper, and just needed to trim a slight edge off the bottom.

Can you see how narrow the paper is that I cut off – it even curled! I could never get that precision with any other tool

Have you tried this? Place your alphabet stickers on a ruler, with barely the bottom edge attached to the ruler. This way, you can move it around your page (or in this case, frame) until you know right where you want your lettering placed. Then you press down the top of the letters, slightly lift the ruler until the letters are no longer attached, and press to the page. It makes attaching letter stickers to much easier!


Few embellishments (I love those fall leaves by Bazzill), a simple title and my fall frame mat was complete.  I love the result!  I think the matting looks professional, but the scrapbook papers give the project a homemade flair – which I love!

I was excited with how fast this project came together!  This just feels like a whole new way to mat my photos!  I can see doing these fun and easy photo mats for my kids’ bedrooms, a baby shower gift, a teacher gift (with a quote or photo of the class), and many more!  I know it will be so easy to switch out my frame with each holiday – or even other special occasions such as birthdays.  And later, when I am done with my fall photo mat, I can add it to my scrapbook for an instant scrapbook page.

Fast, easy and professional looking.  Now those are things to be grateful for!

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