Creative Christmas Gift Tags With a Dual Purpose!

By Marci Leishman

It is hard to believe, but Christmas is fast approaching!   And I am all about doing whatever I can now, before the real Christmas chaos arrives.

This year, I decided to make Gift tags that can double as cute ornaments after the gift has been opened.    I just love a “two for” gift!  And I actually feel somewhat ahead of the game now that my gift tags are complete and ready to go!

I started out by looking for a simple design that I could just print from my computer for the tags.  That way, I could print as many as needed and the cost was minimal.  I found this darling subway art style Christmas tree from the Betty Crocker Wannabe blog.

It was a free printable (nice!), and was the perfect choice for my budget friendly gift tags!   Here is the link I fell in love with the unique Christmas tree design!  I found that there are actually many generous people who are willing to share their designs for free, for personal use.  Awesome!

It was easy to copy and paste the design, nine to a page.  I printed the trees on white cardstock – I needed the gift tags to be as sturdy as possible, so they can be enjoyed as ornaments for years to come.   Plus, adding layer after layer really makes them strong!

I then chose red and green cardstock, and polka dot pattern paper to layer my gift tags. I was able to complete each tag quickly, thanks to Perfect Layers! And I think they look like I spent a lot more time on them than I actually did.

I always seem to use the 1/16” size layer at least one time whenever I am layering. I just love how precise it is and it allows me to cut a thinner layer than I could ever do with my paper cutter. I absolutely love it!

For the “to and from” on the back of the tags, I simply printed them out with a fun font (CK Typist available from Scrap and Paper Shop website

It would be fun to include a personal message to the recipient.  It would also be good to include the current year on either the front or the back of the tag.    I chose to keep it simple, but the possibilities are endless!

It would also be so great to get the kids involved in this project.  Imagine how cute the gift tag/ornaments would be with a child’s artwork, precious photograph or maybe even his or her handprint.  Surely that would be a keepsake to be enjoyed for many years!    I also thought a print out of a vintage Santa or Christmas quotes would be fun for these simple gift tags.   There are so many possibilities!  Hmmmmm . . . I may just have to make this a new holiday tradition and do these gift tags/ornaments every year!

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