Introducing our new PERFECT RULER!



We just added one more AMAZING tool to our line up of products. Introducing our PERFECT RULER!!

Once you see our Perfect Ruler in action, you will not want to be without it for you crafting needs.  It’s the best of everything all in one! Here’s why it really is THE Perfect Ruler; watch our VIDEO to see how it works!

For a Limited Time                                                                                                            SAVE10%                                                                                                                      

Click on main image and and when ordering, enter coupon code: Blog10% at checkout!

RulerPkgOnce you use our Perfect Ruler, it  will become one of your essential craft tools… like the Perfect Layers!

Perfect cuts, trims and lines every time!

At the touch of a button the Patented Grip Strip holds your project in place NO SLIPPING!

Ergonomic Design – comfortable and SAFE! The unique design keeps your hands up and away from blade!

One Side is Clear– See through, great for lining things up

One Side is Metal – Durable and great for cutting and tearing

Includes a Centering Ruler – For perfect centering on all your projects

Dual Measurements – Measures inches and cm.

Zero Start Line– 12 inch metal ruler starts ‘0’ at the very edge for easier and more accurate measuring

You are going to love this new Perfect Paper Crafting tool. Make sure you use code Blog10% for a discount on your new Perfect Ruler!


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