Last-Minute Gifts……. Easy Handmade Gift Card Holders!

By Marci Leishman

Christmas.  It is only five days away!  And yes, there are still a few people on my list that I just haven’t found that perfect gift for yet.  It is a good thing I am a fan of gift cards and I think they are the perfect solution for all those “hard to buy for” family members and friends.  Especially since we are down to the wire!

Gift Card holders

Since I decided that gift cards are the way to go this year, I felt that personalizing them by making a cute gift card holder would make them even better.  I loved using fun Christmas pattern papers to pull together these great gift card holders.  I loved making them so much, I just may do them year round – for any occasion!

To make a gift card holder for your last minute gifts, just follow these simple steps

I used a gift card to make sure I was getting the right fit. I cut my initial piece 3 ¼”x1 ½” my first layer. The next layer was made with the ¼” edge – which allowed me just enough room to put adhesive around the edges to make a pocket, but also giving it enough room at the top so that the gift card could be seen

Add 3/4 inch pattern and then an 1/8 of an inch solid green

Add another 1/2 inch complementary Pattern and another 1/8 of an inch solid Red

Alternate Layer after layer of Paper and or Card stock .....

Add a few embelishments for finishing touch! I ended My layers by mounting it on folded white card-stock, So my gift card DOUBLES as a greeting card where I can write a personal message with my gift! I just used Leftovers from my stash of Scrapbook supplies, which is such a great way to get value for money! AND I was able to personalize my Gift Card Holders with the recipient in mind.

For this gift card holder, I alternated glitter cardstock in silver, gold and black. I think it makes an elegant statement. This gift card holder is great for the holidays, but it would work great for a wedding or anniversary, as well. The photo doesn’t do it justice – the glitter cardstock looks amazing!

For my teenage son, who is extremely hard to pick clothes out for (he has his own style, of course), I made this gift card holder – that is a little more whimsical. It fits his personality, and he will be so excited to pick out his own gift. And I am thrilled he will be able to get more for his money at the after Christmas sales. We both win!

While I was at it, I decided to make a few extra gift card holders. Here is one I made for my sister in law who is having a baby soon. I know she will appreciate a gift card to get the items she still needs, and I’ve made it look so much cuter than the gift card folder in came in.

I am so excited to give gift cards this year, since I’ve dressed them up and made them look great!   And since I used scrapbook supplies that I already had on hand and Perfect Layers to help make them quick and easy, I now have time and money left over!   And those are GREAT things to have during the holidays!   So, yes . . . Christmas is just five days away.  And thanks to giving the gift of gift cards, I am ready to celebrate!


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