Love Notes for Valentine’s Day

By Marci Leishman

I am the mother of three boys, which means I don’t often get to pull out the glitter and hearts when I am working on a project!   So believe me, when Valentine’s Day comes around, I am all about all things pink and glittery!

This year, I decided to make each of my boys a little notebook instead of a traditional Valentine’s Day card.  I thought it would be fun to include some simple “love notes” within the pages of the notebook – things I love about them, random memories, hopes and dreams for them – personalized just for them.    I really think it something they will hold on to for years to come.  Who doesn’t love to hear what someone else loves about them?

Blank books from Target

I started out by selecting standard spiral notebooks that I picked up from Target.  They were inexpensive and just the right size!   I selected some pink pattern paper and fun chipboard heart embellishments (Smitten line from K & Company) to use on my project.  I wanted the background paper to be simple, and couldn’t really find what I was looking for in my scrapbook stash, so I decided to make my own.  I simply typed the word “love” over and over, for this fun and simple background paper. Next, I layered up my background paper with a 1/16” Perfect Layer.   It seems that every project I do does not seem complete if I don’t add a nice layered border.   I love the precision that using Perfect Layers allows me – it just looks so much more finished! I knew I wanted to use the glittery, chipboard hearts I had picked out.  So much fun!   But they seemed to get lost on my “love” paper.   I tried a simple border and it was just the trick.  I love using Perfect Layers to help finish a border.  It was just what I need to stand out against my background paper – and just what I needed for the chipboard heart to stand out. Love notes book Easy and effective! Even my title “love notes” needed a little layering to help it stand out.   The 1/16” border was just right to use on this small project. These notebooks came together really fast, and I was thinking they would be a great alternative to a sugary treat for my sons’ classmates at school.  Something different, and so fun!   And I could get my boys involved in the process.  The front cover could be personalized with each classmate’s name or a Valentine’s Day quote or saying.   Maybe I could make a few extra for my nieces and nephews.   Oh, and then I might as well make some for my friends as well.   I am going to be covered in glitter, for sure!  And for me, that is a good thing!

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