St. Patrick’s Day and a Leprechaun Trap

St. Patrick’s Day celebrated throughout the country even though it is not a legal holiday. It is a celebration of Irish and Irish American culture. Celebrations include wearing green (getting pinched if you don’t!), eating corn beef and cabbage, religious observances, crazy parades, Leprechauns, and rainbows with pot of gold at the end. Whenever I forgot to wear green at school when I was young, I told everyone I was Irish so they would  leave me alone! It usually worked.

With that being said, a couple of years ago my oldest son brought home an assignment to make a Leprechaun trap. I was not able to work on it due to a work conflict. So my sweet hubby decided to help. I had a vision of what a Leprechaun trap should look like; an elaborately decorated box with tons of green stuff, four leafs clovers, gold coins, etc.. When I saw my husband and son’s version I laughed hysterically and had tears running down my face. My husband took a Lucky Charm’s box, put a sticky rat trap inside and called it a day! I still chuckle thinking about the simplicity of the trap and the difference between men and women.  Women are extremely detailed, elaborate and complex, where men are to the point and no fuss, no muss!!!! Needless to say, my son got an A on his assignment and his teacher said it was the most clever Leprechaun trap she had ever seen. Now my hubby is in charge of all projects that come home!

So, with St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, I thought I would share a card I made with our Perfect Layers tool.

 I just love how the different   layers make my card  pop.  I used our Perfect Layers tool to make all the different layers. What I love most about our tool is it takes the guessing game out of trying to figure out the exact measurements of matting paper or pictures. If you haven’t tried our Perfect Layers tool and would like to, please check out our website at There you will find our products and videos on how to use our products. And if you use Contessa5% at checkout, you will get a nice discount on your order.
I hope your St. Patrick’s Day will be full of fun, green things, (maybe even green eggs and ham), and tons of fun. Heck maybe even making a Leprechaun trap. I think my husband would be ok with you using his ingenious idea!!!!! Thanks for stopping by. Leave us a comment about what you like best about our Perfect Layers tool, a question about our tool, or even a fun St. Patrick’s Day story, we would love to hear from you.

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